Sunday, 24 November 2013

Where has the time gone!?

Evening Bloggers!

I don't know where the last month has gone! Time has flown by, with my new job, birthday celebrations and most recently, finally Graduating I have not had time to think, let alone blog! So as promised my pictures from Halloween, with my other half who dressed as the late Christopher Reeve in the form of Superman! What did everyone else get up to for Halloween?

Shortly after Halloween was bonfire night and my 24th!! Unfortunately this year I didn't get a chance to go to any firework displays, but I did manage to drag out my birthday celebrations over two weekends, spending a lot of time with close family and friends who travelled from as far as Chelmsford (my hometown) to come a celebrate! I had such a lovely time, but that seems so long ago!!

Most recently, I graduated...a day filled with a lot of different emotions, mainly nerves, having to go up on stage to collect my degree! But overall, a very satisfied feeling of accomplishing a course that I found challenging, but also closure to an era of mixed emotion, hard work and growing up (well a bit)!

Here I am in my little hat and gown! :) I didn't find the outfit very flattering at all, but it was all fun!!!

Graduation celebrations were amazing! I went to see the fabulous Sterophonics on Friday night at The Bournemouth International Centre, the concert was just the best, the lighting and sound was fab and it was a perfect end to my day! Then on Saturday I was taken by my other half to see another outstanding concert, which was 30 seconds to Mars, supported by You me at six at The London O2 Arena!!! I love music so these were the perfect two ways to celebrate!

I feel I have crammed a lot into this post, a catch up on a lot of my life events in October/ November. I would like to touch upon one more thing, which is something that I want to do more of on my blog, instead of bore you with stuff about me, and this is to look into more creative goings on!

While November has been flying by.....Christmas has been creeping into the high streets, appearing on the TV and count downs have begun! I just want to leave you with this video which has really made me get into the spirit early...... John Lewis you've done it again!

What do you all think of this beautiful creation!?

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Thursday, 31 October 2013


After a day at work and no sniff of any Halloween antics, I felt a post was necessary to mark the occasion! When I was younger my Mum always used to make an event out of Halloween, my two sisters and I would always wish that it landed on half term week so that we could spend the day dressed up, making treats and preparing our Halloween Tea! Sadly, now living in a top floor flat, I don't think I will be getting any trick or treaters this year, I haven't even carved a pumpkin! 

Nevertheless....I will be going to a Halloween party tomorrow....the theme is Dead Famous. I have thought long and hard about my costume, this is where my creativity comes in, to create a cheap but successful outfit! I find that many of the fancy dress outfits that are out there are very expensive, and often look better on the packet..........(this comes from years at uni and fancy dress on an almost weekly basis!) So I am thinking in homage and tribute to one of my all time favourite Jazz, Soul and R&B artists, I am going to be the late Amy Winehouse. I ordered a wig and transfer tattoos last Sunday and they arrived yesterday, and to my surprise the wig is AMAZING!

I hope you all have a scary eve and keep your eyes peeled for my Post Halloween celebration pictures from the party!

For now I will leave you with this…..

(image courtesy of google images)


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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Post Graduate developments!

Good Morning, and an early one too!

As the clocks have gone back and we have been given an "extra" hour, I figured that I have finally been given some time this week to get a new post up!

I have had a very busy week, but have had the fortunate opportunity to work within a company that produces one of the UK's lead selling creativity magazines, Do Crafts! I was given the chance to work within the creative marketing team alongside photographer Louise Jolley to gain an insight into the work of an in house magazine photographer! 

Much to my disappointment Louise is sadly leaving the company to begin her own freelance business, but in a series of fortunate events.....a place has been offered to me, so I can finally begin my career in the creative industry!!! 

The company lives and breaths craft, so for all you crafty creators out there this company would be your artistic wonderland. 

In addition to all this employment excitement, I have been trying to search for the perfect dress for my graduation, which yes after 6 months on from finishing uni, I am still yet to do! I have found two in Topshop that I like so I am going to order both, and see which one looks the best. 

Have a look below, I am thinking of dressing them up in a smarter style, but I think they are both brilliant for dressing up or down, what do you think?

(Images taken from

I have been on the hunt this week also for my Halloween Costume, but I will save that for another day! 

I hope that the sun makes an appearance and that you all have a happy Sunday! 
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013



I decided to have a deserved day off yesterday from the mundane job hunting and went to visit two of my favourite shops, The Range and Hobbycraft! 

As I have had quite a lot of time on my hands of late, I have needed some creativity back in my life! Over the summer I created my own ASOS Marketplace account where I have been starting to sell hand crafted jewellery. I am now trying to channel all of my creative energy into updating this and creating many more pretty little things! 

Check me out at Fash-ON Addict , perhaps there could be a little something on there for a special someones Christmas prezzie, or if there are any family or friends, that like me, have their Birthdays in this later part of the year, then maybe I have made just the thing! 

I brought a few bits and bobs yesterday to inspire some more jewellery designs, so keep your eyes peeled as I will post about my creations in the next few days and update them on ASOS for you pretty little things to treat yourselves to!  

Let me know what you think, and if there is anything you would like me to make specifically! 

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Monday, 14 October 2013

A Vintage Read

Good Evening....

It's almost the end of the dreaded Monday, the rain is on and off, and the cold seems to have started to set in!

If you are at home this evening snuggling into blankets and lighting all of those candles that have been gathering dust, then here is a little fashion read that shows my last project at university, and hopefully holds the key to get me into the wonderful world of creative work.

The magazine is based on Vintage fashion and was created for Vintage Boutique What Alice Found in Pokesdown, Dorset. The idea behind it was to show off vintage looks that are styled with Futuristic elements to show that Vintage is the future of fashion!

Hope you enjoy reading, and let me know what you think!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

My second first blog post!!


So....What better time to start my blog....again! It's a Sunday afternoon, I have been crafting and the other half is watching the football! Not only this, but I have been lucky enough to have the help of my sister Holly to add the more professional touches to my blog design, still work in progress but she has done a lot today so I will let her enjoy her weekend off now! :) 

The start of my new blog.......for weeks I have been saying I must start, I should post something, but my problem has been where to begin. I tried to start my blog back in March, but as I was in the middle of my Final Major Project for my Fashion with Photography degree, I thought that perhaps it just wasn't the right time. I have now completed my degree and will be graduating in November so keep your eyes peeled! Unfortunately like many fellow graduates, I have fallen into the unemployed sector of society and am struggling to launch myself in the competitive world of the creative industry! I don't want to dwell on this to much as job hunting and future employment fills every other part of my waking hour, so perhaps the start of this blog will help me channel my creative side, and show all you lovely followers the interesting and exciting side of me! 

Some of you may wonder about the name behind my blog?! Basically in March this year I moved in with my other half. With some of the gift money we received, I brought a new cushion for our sofa to add my touch on the place (the girly touch), and stitched onto the cushion were the words, love, laughter and happily ever after! <3 Slushy I know, but I really feel he could be the One!Well I hope this has been an interesting read and I hope to be posting many more bits and bobs from now on, I have my first lesson tomorrow night with my sister, please see her button link at the bottom of my blog. 

Love Han xxxxxxxx